Working Holidays Destinations for Teachers in their 30s

Working holiday. Extended vacation. Gap year. Sabbatical.

Whatever you call it, a year abroad is completely within your reach – regardless of your age. The hardest first step is deciding that yes, you can – and yes! You will pursue a year abroad. Good for you. You can do this!

Once you past the first mental hurdle, it’s time to plan.

And the first step, is to figure our your destination.

Teacher Sabbaticals – What They Are and Why You Should Take One

If you’re like me, you’re no longer in the traditional gap year age-range of 18-30. You’re at this weird stage in life where you may be younger than many of your colleagues, but you’re old enough to have many opportunities seem “too young” for you. Please don’t let this discourage you from considering a gap “year!” Note that the word “year” is in quotes – as even a month or more spent away from your routine can be just as beneficial. Thankfully, the “gap year” as we know it has a respectable, grown up, older sister – something we call, a “sabbatical.”