PAYMENT POLICY: If partial payments aren’t offered, then full payment is expected at time of booking. Reservations are guaranteed as soon as the first payment is received, as necessary payments and deposits are made to our partners and vendors. It is for this reason that we cannot refund payments.

CANCELLATION & REFUND POLICY: All reservations are to be paid for at the time of booking, unless partial payments are enabled and accepted. Once reservations are confirmed with our partners and vendors, payments cannot be refunded, unless the vendor refunds their payments to Traveling Teachers LLC. Participants eligible for a refund will receive their payments, less any amounts that could not be refunded by partners or vendors, and less the booking fee (varies per trip). Note that once a reservation is cancelled, it cannot be reinstated. Should our vendors and partners allow, we will allow for transfers. However, transfers can only be done by the person who paid for the original booking. Failure to arrive for your scheduled tour will result in a no show charge of 100% of the trip booking fee. Failure to pay the entire trip fee by the final deadline forfeits the payments previously made. Once the full payment deadline has passed, participants are ineligible for refunds. Should we receive a notice of insufficient funds, there will be a $25.00 insufficient funds fee in addition to the cost of the trip.

TRIP CANCELLATION POLICY: Should Traveling Teachers LLC need to cancel a trip due to a pandemic, epidemic, natural disaster, state of civil unrest, war, Act of God, or other extenuating circumstance in countries of origin or destination, participants can choose to either receive:

  1. The same booking status for the rescheduled trip at no additional cost, OR
  2. A full credit toward an upcoming trip of the same cost, at no additional cost, OR
  3. Amounts refunded to Traveling Teachers LLC by vendors and partners for said trip, minus related trip booking fees

RESPONSIBILITIES: Subject to the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement, Traveling Teachers LLC shall provide the services specified in the contract attached. Traveling Teachers LLC shall act as the liaison in the provision of events and services, and will have the necessary authority to act on the guest’s behalf with respect to the organization and management of all related events and services. Traveling Teachers LLC will make payment to service providers, provided that the guest has paid all fees or enrolled in a payment plan, in accordance with this Agreement. Traveling Teachers LLC shall have the right on behalf of the guest to contract with third parties for necessary services, supplies, equipment or otherwise in meeting the obligations required for the event outlined in this Agreement. It is specifically understood by both parties that Traveling Teachers LLC is not the employee of guest, or any of Traveling Teachers LLC suppliers or subcontractors and that the relationship with the guest, suppliers and subcontractors is that of independent contractor acting as a special agent with authority to implement all contracted services described in this Agreement or later agreed to by the Parties. In any actions undertaken for the guest, Traveling Teachers LLC liability is limited to that of an authorized agent.

GUEST REQUEST: There may be circumstances where it becomes necessary for the guest to request certain changes to the booked Agreement. The guest must inform Traveling Teachers LLC of any request for adjustment at least 10 business days prior to the event. Upon such request, Traveling Teachers LLC agrees to make the best effort to meet said request and will inform the guest of any changes in cost or schedule. Traveling Teachers LLC shall prepare an Addendum which when executed by authorized representatives of both parties shall be deemed to modify the previous Agreement. In the event Traveling Teachers LLC is unable to accommodate the guest requested changes, the original agreement will be in effect.

DAMAGES: Any interior or exterior damages caused to any vehicles, buildings or lodging accommodations in use by any member of the tour group will result in a fee for repairs. An assessment of any possible damage will be made, at the conclusion of your event, by your Traveling Teachers LLC representative. Guest accepts the responsibility for ALL damages and cleaning charges incurred, including but not limited to: vomit/sickness, alcohol/liquid spillage, food stains, broken glassware, burns, damage to electronics or upholstery, and exterior of any vehicle. The guest shall assume full financial responsibility for any damages to the vehicle or property whether by accident, neglect, or intent. Safety and comfort are of importance for an enjoyable experience. Unruly or obnoxious behavior will not be tolerated and extreme behavior may result in the guest being removed from the tour without refund. Smoking, including electronic cigarettes, is prohibited while the guest is in any vehicle in use for the tour. Passengers will not hold Traveling Teachers LLC responsible for bodily harm while participating in their tour services, events, and transportation.

LOST OR STOLEN PROPERTY: Traveling Teachers LLC is not responsible for any articles left in any vehicle or at any of the locations visited during the event. Traveling Teachers LLC is not responsible for theft of any items during the tour or travel to a tour. Traveling Teachers LLC is not responsible for any items damaged as a result of the tour, travel, or reasonable acts in accordance with a Traveling Teachers LLC tour.

PHOTO/VIDEO RELEASE: Guest hereby grants a permanent and irrevocable license for images and video captured on the tour, which may be used for the purpose of display, portfolio, advertising, social media promotion, website or any publication to promote Traveling Teachers LLC. These images and videos can be used without additional compensation to the guest.

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