We’re launching a podcast!

Teachers Talk Travel

Teachers Talk Travel is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a podcast for teachers, by teachers. We’re passionate about helping teachers travel farther and more often on a teacher’s budget!

Our podcast covers everything travel.

Though the theme is always travel, what and where we focus on per episode really varies. The teachers we interview are different, too – which means you’ll hear from many different perspectives. We want our podcast to showcase all of the opportunities out there for you, which means we cover a LOT of ground!

Our first few episodes include:

  • An interview with a Spanish teacher, who earns free trips in exchange for leading student tours
  • Travel hacks on how to save money while spending abroad
  • All about Teacher on a Trip – a teacher-blogger who designs curriculum and educational trips for teachers
  • More about Traveling Teachers, a small travel company ran by an educator who leads balanced group trips for teachers

These are your hosts – Alyssa (top), and Brittany (bottom). We didn’t coordinate the whole royal blue hoodie thing, but it worked out nicely. 😉

It launches on Monday, March 23rd, 2020! 🎉

If you’re interested in hearing our podcast, bookmark this page.

Ways to support the show

We’re creating this podcast with our own time and money, and we’re happy to do it! But we would also appreciate your support to make our show even better.

One way is to join our group on Facebook, Teachers Talk Travel, to ensure you never miss opportunities to interact with the content. Each episode, we pose questions to our listeners, so this is an easy way for you to respond.

Another way you can support this podcast is by subscribing for e-mail updates on our website. You’ll be notified whenever a new episode is released, and we’ll have other goodies for subscribers as well. Stay tune for that!

If you’re up to contributing financially, consider becoming a member of Teachers Talk Travel through Patreon. We’re still developing our tiers, and we’d love your help to do so!

In the comments below, let us know which of these options are appealing to you as far as member benefits. Thanks in advance! ❤

  • Cute luggage tag
  • TSA-friendly makeup bag filled with beauty minis and toiletries
  • Destination guides correlating with each episode
  • Early access to new episodes
  • Shout-out in episodes
  • Personalized postcards from beautiful places
  • Travel-themed mini-lessons and activities

Any pinners here? Another way to support this teacher-funded endeavor is to pin one of these images to your Pinterest board. Just link the image back to this page. It’s free, quick and easy. We appreciate the exposure!

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I'm just another teacher who loves to travel! I currently live and teach on the White Mountain Apache Reservation, which is a destination in it's own right. I love discussing, sharing and creating opportunities for teachers to travel farther and more often.

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