Legal stuff is never fun, is it?

Yet, we need to include it. We want to make sure that you find what you need, and that we are conducting business ethically.

Who We Are and What We Do

On these pages, we outline the terms of use for Traveling Teachers, and the purpose for why we operate.

Traveling Teachers LLC is a travel company, brand, international community and teacher travel blog.

We empower and enable teachers to travel farther and more often.

We do this by:

  • Creating a global community for teachers who travel
  • Being active members of that community by discussing and sharing opportunities where travel and education intersect
  • Providing in-depth reviews on teacher travel programs, fellowships, degrees, tours, conferences, professional development workshops and other trainings
  • Giving organic recommendations of gear, accommodations, apparel, lodging, restaurants, activities and experiences
  • Sharing helpful apps, websites and tools for planning and booking travel
  • Teaching creative ways to earn more for (and even through!) travel
  • Sharing teacher travel hacks that save teachers time and money
  • Giving teachers tool to aid them in their search for full-time, temporary, seasonal or ancillary work

We conduct business at travelingteachers.co.

And we look forward to serving teachers through this blog, too!

Pages to Review

Affiliate Disclaimer

We encourage you to read our affiliate disclaimer. We want to be upfront about how we earn money, and we want to assure you we’re thinking of teachers first!

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us. Be sure to familiarize yourself with our Privacy Policy before using this site. Please note that, by continuing to use this site, you are implicitly agreeing to our Privacy Policy.

Terms and Services

While we do care about the products and services we provide, we want to be clear about what we are, and are not, responsible for. Please familiarize yourself with our terms of use, also known as our Terms and Services. Please note that, by continuing to use this site, you are implicitly agreeing to our Terms of Use, also known as our Terms and Services.

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