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Hi! I'm Brittany.

I'm a teacher, traveler, blogger, and trip leader.

I've discovered so many ways to travel on a teacher's budget, and I want to help other teachers do the same. Whether you want to join an organized trip or learn more to do it on your own, this is your starting point.

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How American Teachers Can Travel for Free

Imagine this: it’s mid-winter, just after winter break – when everyone is groaning about going back to work and school. Your colleagues are braving record-breaking snowstorms, preparing for high-stakes testing and facing the monotony of the daily grind. They’re facing unrealistic performance pressure from clueless …

We’re launching a podcast!

Teachers Talk Travel Teachers Talk Travel is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a podcast for teachers, by teachers. We’re passionate about helping teachers travel farther and more often on a teacher’s budget! Our podcast covers everything travel. Though the theme is always travel, what and where we …

Working Holidays Destinations for Teachers in their 30s

Working holiday. Extended vacation. Gap year. Sabbatical.

Whatever you call it, a year abroad is completely within your reach – regardless of your age. The hardest first step is deciding that yes, you can – and yes! You will pursue a year abroad. Good for you. You can do this!

Once you past the first mental hurdle, it’s time to plan.

And the first step, is to figure our your destination.

Teacher Sabbaticals – What They Are and Why You Should Take One

If you’re like me, you’re no longer in the traditional gap year age-range of 18-30. You’re at this weird stage in life where you may be younger than many of your colleagues, but you’re old enough to have many opportunities seem “too young” for you. Please don’t let this discourage you from considering a gap “year!” Note that the word “year” is in quotes – as even a month or more spent away from your routine can be just as beneficial. Thankfully, the “gap year” as we know it has a respectable, grown up, older sister – something we call, a “sabbatical.”

Travel with Us

Our trips are a mix of exploration, relaxation and education. Itineraries are balanced, with the needs of teachers in mind.

Teachers Supporting Teachers

This is a labor of love. All trip packages are created and led by teachers. They're offered at the lowest cost possible, while ensuring teachers are paid fairly for their skills, products and services.

Support Small Business

The host and service network we use is small and selective, and we always hire teachers when possible. We work with teachers who prioritize teacher experiences over profits.

Flexible Itineraries

We allow the bulk of our trip itineraries to be modified to meet the desires and needs of teachers on our trip. These flexible itineraries set us apart from bigger companies and tours.

Save Time

We know that time is a precious resource. We collaborate with teachers local to our destinations to find the best lodging, restaurants and activities for you. We do the planning so you can just show up and enjoy yourself!

Save Money

We have limited liability company status, which means we get access to special group perks that individuals don't. These savings are passed on to you when you book with us. As teachers ourselves, we're always looking to save money!

Designed for Teachers

Our trips are exclusively for teachers and their loved ones. We provide opportunities for you to learn and grow professionally, while enjoying a memorable travel experience with like-minded people!

Trips with Traveling Teachers

Each trip is created to meet the budget, needs and preferences of teachers.

We ensure each itinerary is balanced - allowing for a balance of exploration, relaxation and education.

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