Explore and visit Israel for free with this all-expenses paid fellowship by TALMA.

The TALMA program in Israel is downright magical.

It’s more than summer program, or a year abroad.

It’s an immersive month or year of cultural-exchange, slow travel, personal and professional growth, and building genuine relationships.

It’s an opportunity to have your life changed, while you teach English and change lives.


TALMA prides itself on being “The Israel Program for Excellence in English,” and that’s exactly what it is.

They actually have two program structures, which includes several opportunities to develop your teaching, leadership, and social entrepreneurship skills (if that’s something you’re interested in).


Pair of mountain goats on the slopes of the crater Makhtesh Ramon, Israel.

TALMA 2.0: The Full Year Fellowship

The first program is a full year in Israel.

This program is only open to teachers who are alum of their summer program. So if you haven’t done that yet, bookmark this page – so you can apply once you’ve completed your first summer there!

Successful applicants are seriously committed to TALMA’s vision and mission.

They likely have personal or historic roots in Israel, or they’re considering a move there permanently.

Fellows receive free housing, a private bedroom, and shared cooking facilities.

Wi-fi, duty-related transportation, a living stipend (of approximately $16,000 USD), and academic credits through Ben Guiron University are also included.

They invest a lot in their year-long TALMA teachers, because they want these teachers to feel appreciated and welcomed into the community.

Could you see yourself teaching near the Dead Sea, Ben Shemen, or Ein Gedi for a year?

Learn more and apply here.

Picturesque valley in the desert. Ein Avdat Canyon.

TALMA 3.0: Morim Olim (Teachers Making Aliya)

This is another opportunity exclusive to teachers looking to make a more permanent commitment.

The Summer Fellowship

In addition to their year-long fellowship listed above, TALMA is really known for it’s summer English immersion program, which is also a teacher fellowship.

While the above video tells you about TALMA overall (and it is definitely worth the watch!), this one more specifically explains how their summer program works and looks.

TALMA places Fellows in low-income schools throughout Israel as an opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to education equity.

Th new culture, teaching styles, and overall environment challenges Fellows to step outside their comfort zones.

This transformative experience allows them to develop their craft as they overcome language & culture barriers.

Working in partnership with an Israeli co-teacher is a truly life-changing, perspective-shifting experience within itself.

And you will learn a lot of you go!

Fellows are in their placement schools from 8:00 am until 1:30pm before heading to Professional Development.

Insider look at the TALMA summer teacher fellowship program.

Ideal Fit

As mentioned above, TALMA offers several different programs and fellowships, and they all vary with requirements.

In general, however, teachers who apply to work with TALMA should be dedicated to education equity, teaching English at a high level of quality, and cultural exchange.

A personal interest in and connection to Israel is also sought after in applications.


It’s important to note that, while this is a way to go to Israel for free, they don’t want that to be the primary reason you’re doing.

They are very mission-driven.

Make sure that comes across clearly in your application.

Here are the qualifications to participate in this program:

  • Must hold a bachelor’s degree
  • Must be a certified educator with at least one year of teaching experience
  • Has previously gone to Israel, and/or has a personal, heritage connection to Israel
  • Passionate about social justice and education equity
  • Must be a teachable lifelong learner, willing and enthusiastic about the professional development portion of their program
  • Teachers must demonstrate both a strong interest in and commitment to teaching about the Arab world in their classrooms

Preferred Applicant Traits & Skills

While these aren’t qualifications, these are their preferences when screening applicants:

  • Young professionals (20s-30s) looking to gain leadership skills to bring back to their communities (this isn’t a hard requirement but it’s one of their grant funding requirements that they try to meet)
  • A master’s degree in an education-related field


TALMA covers all major expenses.

This includes lodging and meals for this particular program.

Transportation between sites for the program is also included.


This amazing opportunity does come with some responsibilities.

  • You must demonstrate a commitment to social justice and education equity.
  • You must be teachable and willing to learn while you’re there.
  • You’ll must be committed to working well with your Israeli co-teacher.


I’m highlighting this program with TALMA because all lodging and meals are included!

Flights are also included specifically from JFK or LAX.

You’ll just want to ensure you have adequate health insurance, travel insurance and money for incidentals and activities.

Dates and Deadlines

They start accepting applications in September for the following summer.

Be sure to bookmark this page!

And apply soon if you’re interested.

Lutz Berlemont-Bernard – Stadt-Land-Fotografie – Israel von Norden bis Süd

Upcoming Program Dates

Summer 2021 dates to be announced.

Israel Syria frontier

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