2023 Croatia Sailing Trip

8 Days

Croatia Sailing Trip for Teachers

The islands of Croatia are absolutely gorgeous.

The water is crystal clear, and the land formations are otherworldly.

What better way to explore these features than from the deck of a yacht?

You can learn how to sail on this yacht trip, too. Our skipper has over 15 years of experience in sailing instruction, and his experience with sailing itself far surpasses that.

The thing I love most about our skipper, is that he’s also a teacher. More specifically, he’s a member of our global Traveling Teachers community. Because of this, he’s giving us a great deal on this yacht trip.

Sailing trips in Croatia often sell for $1,800 to upwards of $3,000 per week, so he could easily be charging more per person.

He is basically offering Croatia sailing tours at cost, which is incredibly generous of him – and fortunate for us!

Please note that this package does not include airfare between your point of origin and Croatia. When booking your flight, consider that Split is the closest airport, as it is less than 10 km (approximately 6 miles) from the marina.

Available Dates and Spots

As of January 18th, 2023, these are the available weeks and spots:

  • July 8th-15th, 2023 (7 spots available)
  • July 15th-23rd, 2023 (6 spots available)

What’s Included?

The following is included in this yacht trip package:

  • 24/7 access to an on-board Trip Leader (another Traveling Teacher!)
  • Air conditioning when at port (by popular request!)
  • Electricity when available at port
  • Sailing instruction
  • Yacht charter fee
  • Transit log & end-of-trip cleaning
  • Dinghy outboard engine
  • High-speed WiFi
  • Croatian tourist tax
  • Cooking gas
  • Individual bedding (note that you’ll be sharing a small-sized bed unless you rent out an entire cabin)
  • Damage insurance
  • Marina fees
  • Engine fuel
  • Continental breakfasts
  • Light lunches
  • Dinners when anchored at sea
  • Access to the full kitchen
  • Towel rental

What’s NOT Included?

  • Transportation to/from Split airport, before and after the yacht trip
  • Dinners and drinks in towns

What to Expect

While every trip and group is different, we understand that knowing a bit about what to expect can reduce fear of the unknown.

So if you’re wondering what the day-to-day of a sailing trip with Traveling Teachers looks like, don’t miss this section!

What’s Sailing Like?

If you’re brand new to sailing, then this is the perfect first trip for you!

On a sailing trip, the skipper (along with the help of the crew) takes us along on the boat by working with the wind.

It’s a unique travel experience, because each traveler becomes a member of the crew.

You’ll learn how to sail from a professional sailing instructor with decades of experience, with the safety and beauty of the calm, Adriatic Sea.

How involved you want to be after learning is entirely up to you, though the skipper might ask for your help when anchoring or docking. 

When we’re staying out at sea (which isn’t often), we drop the anchor. When we’re staying at a marina or at a port in town, we dock the boat. Each of these processes takes about 15 minutes.

Some travelers choose to be at the helm for most of the trip, while others prefer to relax and sunbathe after learning the basics. You get to choose how to spend most of your time!

Flexibility with any sailing itinerary is a must, and this trip is no exception. We literally travel on the wind!

Changes might be made to the iinerary due to weather, high waves, or anything else that would impact the crew’s safety.

This route has affectionately been dubbed “glamping at sea,” and we think that’s the perfect description for it.

What Are Accommodations Like?

This route has affectionately been dubbed “glamping at sea,” and we think that’s the perfect description for it.

The type of boat we rent for that summer makes a big difference as far as the layout and configuration.

For the summer of 2023, we’re looking at a boat with 4 berths (cabins). Individual travelers share the bed with other travelers, so we recommend booking with a friend or a loved one!

These cabins are pretty small; they’re usually about the size of a tent, albeit a bit taller.

Depending on the boat style and the cabin available at the time of booking, you might have an en-suite bathroom or a shared one.

If you prefer to book an entire cabin to yourself, you can select that option at the time of booking, should it still be available.

I cannot stress enough what a deal this is!

If you’ve ever wanted to visit Croatia, now is the time to book.

Cost & Payment Plans

You can pay for your trip in full using this booking page.

As of today, the cost per person, per trip is $1,350.

You also have the option of making payments.*

  • The first 30% of the trip is due at the time of booking
  • The next 30% of the total is due before Monday, January 30th
  • The total must be paid by Friday, March 23rd

*You can setup a payment plan with and through PayPal.

Refund and Trip Cancellation Policy

Refunds will not be issued for Croatia trip payments or deposits.

We understand that things happen, and for this reason, we recommend and require that every traveler have personal travel insurance for the duration of their trip.

Your insurance policy should include travel to and from the marina in Croatia, and we recommend insurance that includes your flight(s).

Should you need to change your plans, we can transfer your payments to another traveler if the request is made before May 31st, 2023. This is because we need to ensure that the Croatia Ministry of Tourism has accurate information on every traveler joining us.

You can read the full policy on trip booking terms, cancellations and refunds here at this link.

Covid-19 Restrictions and Entry Requirements

Entry requirements for American citizens into the country of Croatia have changed several times throughout the pandemic.

Please bookmark the page at this link to track requirements.

I will send major updates as I receive them to travelers via email, and I’ll keep all of you updated here in the Traveling Teachers Community Facebook Group.


This is THE way to experience Croatia.

You’ll spend a week island-hopping and enjoying the Croatian Dalmatian coastline from a yacht.

Learn how to sail, sunbathe, and swim in the beautiful, Adriatic Sea.

Sample Itinerary

Depart from Trogir

Check in to rooms

Setup the yacht

Safety orientation

Sail to the Blue Lagoon

Sail to Bol beach

Sail on to Stari Grad on the island of Hvar

Sail along Hvar, and on to Sveta Nedilja (a favorite among past travelers!).

Morning walk to the church in the cave (not obligatory).

Sail to Korcula via Peljesac peninsula.

Visit Lastovo island on the way to Vela Luka (opposite end of Korcula island).

Sail to Vis island, visiting the Blue Lagoon then on to Komiza.

Visit the Blue Cave on Bisevo (weather permitting) then sail back to Trogir via Solta island.

Pack up

Yacht cleaning

Check out and head into Trogir


  • 24/7 access to an on-board Trip Leader (another Traveling Teacher!)
  • Air conditioning when at port (by popular request!)
  • Electricity when available at port
  • Sailing instruction
  • Yacht charter fee
  • Transit log & end-of-trip cleaning
  • Dinghy outboard engine
  • High-speed WiFi
  • Croatian tourist tax
  • Cooking gas
  • Individual bedding (note that you'll be sharing a small-sized bed unless you rent out an entire cabin)
  • Damage insurance
  • Marina fees
  • Engine fuel
  • Continental breakfasts
  • Light lunches
  • Dinners when anchored at sea
  • Access to the full kitchen
  • Towel rental


  • Airfare
  • Ground transportation
  • Travel insurance
  • Trip Protection/Coverage
  • Medical insurance
  • Meals and drinks when in town

Frequently Asked Questions

I've never been on a yacht before, and I've never done any sailing - can I still come?

Of course you can! And this is a great route for first-time sailors. The Adriatic Sea is very calm and safe. You’ll learn the basics of sailing and safety at sea within the first couple of days.

Is ground transportation included?

No, transportation to and from the yacht is not included. We can arrange said transportation for you at an additional fee. See the options at checkout.

Is airfare included?

No, flights and airfare are not included for this trip.

Can I bring my partner/spouse/friend/family?

Absolutely! This is a trip for Traveling Teachers and their loved ones. If you’d like to request an entire cabin instead of one shared spot, we recommend booking as soon as possible, since there are only 3 whole cabins available for booking on this trip.

Am I able to make payments for my trip?

You can! Note that 30% of the total is due at the time of booking.

Here are the available payment plans, factoring in 30% of the deposit already being paid, as well as the $100 administrative fee for payment plan setup:

6 Monthly Payments: $162.50
5 Monthly Payments: $195
4 Monthly Payments: $243.75
3 Monthly Payments: $325
2 Monthly Payments: $487.50

Can I share a room with another teacher who's coming?

Of course! If you’d like to request a particular roommate, please note their name when you fill out the Traveler Information Form. You’ll receive the link to this form after you book.

Are payments refundable?

Unfortunately, payments for sailing trips are non-refundable.

If you’d like for someone else to take your place, please inform us of this change before May 31st, 2023.

Will we spend nights in a hotel?

There are no hostel stays included in this trip. The sailing yacht has cabins, where we sleep throughout the week.

What do I need to pack?

Participants will receive a packing list soon after booking.

Important note: there isn’t storage space for large, hard-sided suitcases. A soft duffel bag or backpack would be ideal.

What will I have to do on the yacht?

Entering and exiting the yacht will often require walking across a gangplank. It looks much scarier than it us! You’ll get used to it after a few times. 😉

Leaving or entering a mooring (marina, at anchor or attached to a buoy) requires some people to throw/catch a rope, hook the buoy or drop/raise the anchor. The rest of the time, you choose, you can do as much or as little as you wish.

Our skipper can actually sail the yacht single handed!

How much money will I need to bring?

You’ll want to bring money for when we dock and go out. We often get wine, beer or other snacks and bring them back to the boat! And of course, you’ll need to bring money if you plan to buy souvenirs or post cards.

Should I bring cash, a debit card, or a credit card?

Croatia switches currencies to the Euro in January of 2023. Most places accept payment by card but, there are some restaurants and small shops that only accept cash. We recommend waiting until you are in the EU to exchange for euros, as it can be quite pricey to do so while still in the U.S.

We also recommend downloading the Revolut app to make sending and receiving money easier, should you choose to split a bill or share expenses with other travelers.

Before you leave the U.S., make sure your debit/credit card is activated to be used in Europe.

I can't swim, will I be safe?

Paul has hosted a number of non-swimmers over the years, and he hasn’t lost one yet!

The yacht will not be heeling over at a crazy angle, and it won’t capsize.

Fun fact: Brittany, the founder of Traveling Teachers, doesn’t swim far out in open water!! So you’ll still have a great time if you can’t swim, or even if you don’t want to.

Will there be bedding and/or towels?

Although the cabins are shared doubles (two twin beds which are very close together), the bedding is individual.

Is there an age limit?

Not at all! Everyone is welcome, though we will respect the drinking laws and limitations of Croatia.

What if I have dietary restrictions or food allergies?

We’ve hosted mixed crews of vegan, vegetarian and meat eaters, along with a couple who only ate gluten free.

There is a central kitty (pool of money) used to purchase supplies. As a crew, we make sure that everyone is catered for when shopping.

Do keep in mind, however, that due to the very close proximity of the shared space, we will not be able to accommodate anyone with airborne food allergies.

Is travel insurance included?

No, and individual travel insurance is required to participate in all trips. We recommend policies that include flights, and making sure that it starts on your first date of travel (especially important if you’re traveling throughout Europe before/after the trip!).

Once you register, we’ll ensure you have our recommendations on the best travel insurance policies. Not all policies include marine activities, and/or medical evacuation!

What if something gets damaged? Do I have to pay?

Damage insurance is included in the price. But if you damage something of another traveler’s, we ask that you work it out with them privately.

Will I learn anything?

Our skipper, Paul, started sailing dinghies when he was 16, and yachts a year later. He has raced, cruised, and was an instructor for 15 years. He’ll teach you as much as you want to learn.

Will I be able to go ashore?

Lunchtime is usually at anchor or attached to a buoy, so you can have a swim. We will likelt have an outboard engine to fit on the dinghy, so going ashore in some places is an option. Certain places also have the option of taking a water taxi from the boat. Some nights will be spent in a marina, so you can eat in a restaurant, explore the city, or go sightseeing. See the itinerary for more details.

What about medicines?

There are pharmacies but, they may not stock the brands you are used to in the US. Please make sure that you have enough supply of any prescription or usual medicines.

Sun screen is an absolute must have!!!

What else should I know?

The Adriatic is a very clean sea.

There are a lot of ‘bottom feeders’, aquatic life which eat everything disposed into the sea.

This can be surprising to travelers when leftover food is thrown overboard! But we can assure you, it gets eaten. 🙂

As the water from the showers and sinks goes straight into the sea, it would be good not to use soaps or shampoos which are toxic for aquatic life.

You can send your enquiry via the form below.

2023 Croatia Sailing Trip
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